Mr Frank Rhinds

Mr Frank Rhinds

Sensei Frank Rhinds

A dedicated Karateka and is a Rokudan (6th dan)
black belt and holds the title of Renshi, He also has a Shihan (Instructors licence) from Nakazato Senesi,
He began his study of martial arts in 1983 in Karate, but after two years the club closed and he had to find alternative place to train.

A friend wanted to try Kickboxing at the Victoria Baths in Sneinton, they both attended lessons for around a month but at this time his friend stopped and Mr Rhinds had the same thoughts as he would be attending lessons by himself and lacked the confidence to train in a class of people he didn’t really know.

It was his father that encourage him to commit to his decision to continue his study of Martial Arts and reassured him he would meet new friends at the kickboxing club.

About a year passed and Mr Rhinds had an unfortunate accident, he badly fractured his ankle.  This would take a year to heal still thirsting for knowledge he attended a Judo class at Carlton Forum for about six months then boxing in Gedling for around the same time however there was still something missing.

Feeling lost but still very interested in the study of Martial Arts, a friend mentioned that he was attending lessons in Wado-Ryu karate in the city centre, Mr Rhinds attend just one class in Wado-Ryu Karate and was hooked. That was 1989 and for the next fifteen years
Mr Rhinds continued to train in Karate as much as possible. It should be mentioned that within this time Mr Rhinds practiced other Martial Arts, Tae kwon do, Kung fu ,
Boxing (3 years) Jiu-jitsu, Kickboxing (6 years nsbb) and Kubudo (old weapons).

Training most nights and weekends, entering many competitions up and down the country, representing England in USA, Canada, Antigua, Bermuda and Europe. Winning many
1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies in both karate and kickboxing. Having committed so much of his time to it, Karate became his main focus in life.

In 2005 Mr Rhinds decided to turn his passion into a career and to focus on becoming a Martial Art professional he would have to move to Newport Wales, where he would receive business management in the Martial Arts industry from the UK’s most successful owners of Martial Arts schools, Master Thompson and Master Smith.

Instructing over 200 students a week in one academy was a huge honour for him and a sign of confidence from his mentors.

At the end of 2006 Mr Rhinds moved back to Nottingham to concentrate on opening his own dojo (school) and in April 2007, The Frank Rhinds School of Martial Arts opened. Utilising his time spent in Wales he incorporates character education, developing leadership and life skills helping students to improve self-esteem, self discipline, weight control, flexibility, concentration, co-ordination and self defence.

Mr Rhinds  commitment to his students and Okinawan Karate and Kobudo is without question, always on a quest to further his knowledge and understanding of true Okinawan Karate, Kobudo(weapons) Kata bunkai (application) Kyusho jitsu  (vital points)  Tuite jitsu (joint manipulation).

After 20 years of research and study he feels that this is only the beginning of a life long journey.